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What is Hippo CMS?

Hippo CMS is a Java CMS. It is an open source CMS that helps in creating experiences which is absolutely personalized. These personalized experiences can be created by Hippo CMS across all channels. Hippo has a modular and a clean architecture. Hippo supports all open standards, which makes it ideal for open integration and agile developments.
Hippo emphasizes on separation of content from the presentation logic. Thus Hippo enables all content editors to create content for once only. Hippo also enables to publish this content to web sites, mobile sites, social sites, Facebook, mobile phone applications, digital magazines, REST services and so many other similar sites.
Hippo also enables the web masters and developers to create new channels. It also helps to configure existing page templates. It does so by using template composer or channel manager. Hippo can target specific content at specific visitor by using relevance module. Hippo targets the specific visitor by basing on visitor's present context. This is done by going past personal history and matching personalities those are created by marketing teams.

Types of Hippo CMS
Hippo CMS is available in two varieties. The first one is Hippo CMS, which is distributed under Apache 2 license. And the second one is Bloom Reach Experience, which carries some additional modules, such as, Reporting and Relevance.

Benefits of Hippo CMS

Present environment of enterprises, demands integration of software systems. This integration of software must be finely tuned and adapted to meet the growing demands of users from business world. It should also guarantee safety and security.

Hippo provides unique visitor experience because with Hippo, one can create, control and deliver interesting business or personalized contents to every channel for the visitors to visit. 

Hippo provides cross channel intelligence to optimize the content's performance by analyzing the behavior of visitors with the help of wide range of tools and data sources. 

Hippo helps in rapid optimization of content's performance with user friendly interface, creating best digital customer's experience.

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