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What is the Difference between VPS and VDS?

VPS is expandable to virtual private server while VDS stands for virtual dedicated server. Both the machines run on virtualized technology. Though to a lay-man both look similar in features and functions there are a few differences technically.

There are several organizations that find that a physical server is too big for their websites and they may not be able to justify using it but they are in need of an upgrade from the shared hosting. This is where virtualization is used. Such businesses are hosted together on to a physical server and each of them are allocated resources by creating two or more virtual machines. The expenses of the server are split among the users and each of them get guaranteed amount of resources. There are two types of virtualization.

1. OS-Level Virtualization: These machines are operating systems that run in a container. They share all the resources between them and is capable of functioning effectively. But it is restricted to operating systems that are created from the same core. These machines are termed as virtual private servers.

2. Paravirtualization: Needs a hypervisor. It allows the primary OS and the virtual machines to run on different cores. The operating systems can be modified to run the hypervisor but the paravirtualization can be implemented on open source codes which Windows does not allow. So Linux is the only alternative for paravirtualization. These type of virtual machines are called virtual dedicated servers

Although there is not much to VPS vs VDS still knowing the difference is essential. People mostly ask What is VDS? as VPS is generally more known. In fact, you would be surprised to know that many big organizations advertise their VDS as high-end or elite VPS. Hence VPS or VDS both of them are based on the technology of virtualization. 

So there is not much of a difference between VPS and VDS. There may be some very particular cases that call for the need for a VDS, but the rest of the times, VPS or VDS act in the same way. So as an end-user you need not worry much about what is VPS or what is VDS. Still, if you are left with any doubts, you can get all the required answers from a trusted virtual machine expert. 

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