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What is Fedora?

Fedora, previously known as Fedora Core, is an operating system. It is an extremely popular operating system. Fedora happens to be an open source UNIX like operating system, which is based on Linux.
Fedora has been designed as an exclusive operating system that is secured. Fedora is an all purpose operating system. Fedora is sponsored by Red Hat. Fedora operating system is developed and released on a six month release cycle. Fedora operating system is developed with the help, support and protection of Fedora project.
Fedora is a project, sponsored by Red Hat, which says that Fedora is an operating system that is free for everyone to use, distribute or modify. Fedora is so popular that it is the second most commonly used Linux distribution. It is next to Ubuntu. There are more than a hundred distributions based on Fedora.

Fedora is well known for its innovations. Fedora believes in integration of latest technologies at the beginning only. Fedora also works with upstream Linux communities. All changes made upstream guarantees that all changes thus made are available to every Linux distributor.
Fedora exists for a very short span of time. A Fedora version is supported for only 13 months. Fedora x version was supported for just one month after release of version of x+2. This support exists for maximum six months between releases of most versions of Fedora.
The first set of Fedora releases, popularly known as Fedora Core 1-4, was launched initially within 2003 to 2005. Fedora 6 was released in 2006 and Fedora 7 was released in 2007. Fedora project no longer supports these versions. The latest of Fedora versions, Fedora 10, popularly known as Cambridge, has a wonderful set of innovative features. It has Plymouth, web based package installer, new Solar artwork, provides much faster startup, and has ext4 file system support with Sugar desktop environment and many such others.
Fedora is backed by both technologically advanced and technologically backward communities. 

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