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Is Cheap Hosting the Right Choice for You?

Today's competitive business world requires you to be choosy in your web hosting plans and look for the best solutions at the most affordable costs. Cheap shared hosting plans are what you need for your small business. However, you cannot sacrifice on quality just for the sake of low price. You need a reliable hosting company like CloudOYE.

The basic requisites that you must look for in a web hosting service is guarantee of speed and up-time, 24/7 support, superior quality security, data backup services, and access to all the latest technologies. If your site is down and unavailable, or takes a long time to respond to a request, the visitors will move to a competitor's site.
Shared hosting plans are generally considered for the entry-level business that does not require much resources as they have low traffic. The biggest drawback with shared hosting is the frequent downtime a business experiences. This can happen for various reasons like a neighboring website pulling more resources than what is allocated to them, or your business generating more visitors and you need more space to accommodate the traffic or your host overselling the plans.
If you are more flexible with your budget, you may consider the VPS server hosting. Although you share the server, you have dedicated resources, more privacy, and control at a slightly higher price than the shared hosting. Since the features are a far improvement over what you get in shared hosting, the services come at a higher cost.
Once you outgrow the virtual servers, it means your business has become popular and you must upgrade to the single-tenant environment of the dedicated servers. The features and services you get make up for the high cost that you pay.

If you still are unsure about the hosting plans you require call on CloudOYE and talk to their sales team.

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