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Suggest Best Zimbra Email Hosting Services Providers for Small Businesses

CloudOYE's Zimbra email hosting allows real-time collaboration via editing, file sharing, searching, group scheduling, and auto messaging. Our competitive Zimbra email services are well-suited to every type of OS. With regards to an expert email platform, CloudOYE comprehend that each business requires more than virus-free email solution and spam nowadays. Thus, business-class Zimbra email service is well crafted or a wide range of hosting needs.

Zimbra hosted email providers have been long known for providing top-notch reliability and privacy in their email environments. Zimbra email hosing service with any provider will come packed with some advantages, however some host do offer more than their peers. Zimbra cloud hosting service is one such service, currently offered on trial with Zimbraís email hosting solutions.

Zimbra is defined as a progressed and simple to utilize email solution incredible features such as calendaring, messaging, shared calendar, online document authorizing, email archiving, and shared date-book. An open-source zimlet innovation of Zimbra streamlines the way of including custom 'mashups' in the web-mail client. One of the biggest 
benefits of Zimbra email hosting is a definitive email arrangement as it saves loads of IT assets and prevents Microsoft server expansion.

What are the advantages of Zimbra Email Hosting?

Zimbra mail service providers offer exclusive features, thanks to Zimbra. Most hosts will either offer complimentary service with Zimbra Hosting or not offer anything at all.

From financial standpoint, email hosting with Zimbra can save you six to seven times more money depending upon the type of service you have chosen to opt.

The real advantage is that it could deal with its storage space and no one can write or read another server. Subsequently, this makes email framework quite secure and one can monitor server and firewall easily. This one-of-a-kind Zimbra email service provides the environment of single server condition that carries messaging apps on a single server. Thus, at the time of installation designed to partition of disk to house every service.

Easy Collaboration-
CloudOYE's Zimbra email packages integrate the entire groupware support. It enables businesses to share documents, contacts, task lists, and appointment details.
Outlook Compatibility-

Zimbra is, without doubt, the best email hosting because it is compatible with outlook. So, it works pretty much like any other email hosting service despite having an entirely different backend framework.

Businesses can avail excellent Outlook experience via push email, PIM, group calendaring, and public folders. Regardless of utilizing the webmail client of 
Zimbra or the optional desktop client of Zimbra, the satisfaction of user is guaranteed.

Phone Synchronization-

Zimbra allows real-time synchronization of phone as well as tasks and calendar contacts synchronization via iPhone, iPad, Android phone, and Windows phone device. Also, you can access latest appointments information and emails at fingertips.

Access Your Emails Globally-

With Zimbra email hosting of 
CloudOYE, you can access the emails via resources like mobile, tablet, web browser, and client such as Mac Mail or Outlook.

Utilize Multiple Protocols-

With Zimbra, you are not forced to use a single mail transfer protocol but can choose from a number of protocols. This is an added advantage that does not come with many hosts.

Zimbra email hosting service of CloudOYE offers business an opportunity of operating email accounts via IMAP, 
SMTP, and POP3 protocols.

Halt Spam Mails-

CloudOYE provides a mechanism of stopping spam mails to help you in cleaning your inbox. 


CloudOYE is a leading cloud computing solutions on Cloud Server Hosting & Dedicated Servers Hosting. Call our technical experts at 1800 212 2022 or mail us at


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