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How To Access VPS Server?

VPS or virtual private server (VPS) is a virtualized dedicated server that is technically managed by the hosting service. The responsibility of running and operating the VPS is solely that of the owner. That's why you must know how to get easy and quick access to your VPS server so that you remain in control of operations at all times.

Understand The Message Information Provided By The Host

When you buy a VPS server from a hosting service, you will get a message that provides all the information needed to access your VPS server. The information list will include the domain name of the VPS server, the IP address, the OS(Operating System) template that has been installed, the DNS name server information and the SSH account information.

Get The Password In Your Registered Email ID

Installation or reinstallation of the VPS triggers an email to your registered account with a password that allows root access. This can be used to establish a connection with the server using the SSH communication protocol. The VPS server can be accessed through any command terminal such as Linux or MAC or by using third-party software on Windows.

Follow the Instructions Provided Carefully

Setting up private name servers is easy but if you are hosting on a VPS, there are specific steps to follow for creating name servers for any new hosting package. You will have to use the new IP address sent to you with the URLs of the addresses to access the server. This is the step that must be completed before your server names are created.

How to Use Domain Name For Access?

By using these URLs you can get quick access to the WHM by using the IP address delivered in the email along with the server details. By following the steps and instructions provided in the email, you will be able to use your domain name instead of the IP address. Type in the information needed such as IPV4 address or the reference name to get data needed to log in to the VPS server. Before that, you must open the terminal and type specific commands that will allow you to log in.

It is important to note that some OS and platforms may require you to buy a license before you install your VPS server which must be them manually integrated or added through the control panel. It is definitely recommended that you secure your domain name and your website with an SSL certificate after the VPS server has been installed. When you access your VPS server after it secured, the website can be displayed as https which will give users the assurance that your website if fully secured and safe for accessing and browsing.

When you have finally decided to upgrade from shared to VPS server, it is very important that you choose the services of a reputed and established VPS server hosting provider known for providing quality products backed by unrivaled customer support. 

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