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Can a VPS/Cloud Server be used as a Game Server

Cloud servers are ideal solutions to be used as game servers. One primary reason for it is the auto scaling of resources that the cloud computing allows. Even if there is a rush of visitors to your server, resources can be added on demand without creating any hindrance or causing interruptions.

Game servers require lot of resources. Although VPS servers are independent in nature, the memory, CPU and other resources are lower than in a physical dedicated server. VPS will be fine as long as it is not used for any other services. With the number of players multiplying and game running on modular structure it requires quite a lot of space and needs scalable features. These virtual servers fit in perfectly.

Game servers have to be continually available without even the slightest of disruption in service. The traffic may fluctuate constantly. Cloud servers can easily manage this fluctuation. Users will never experience any downtime with cloud servers. Cloud servers are very reliable as they run on multiple servers. Even at times when one of the servers goes down for some reason, new servers can be added or resources can be pulled from other servers available. They can access the games from anywhere and on any device. It is affordable too as the billing in cloud services run on the pay-as-you-use model. 

Scaling the resources is easy with the cloud server and we all are aware that cloud servers require lots of resources. However, VPS servers are independent in almost all aspects hence you can also play multiplayer games. Gaming servers cannot suffer from downtime because that will affect the overall game. For managing the fluctuations, cloud servers can be the ideal choice because they can easily manage it. The best part is that it is affordable because it follows pay as you go model

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