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How To Choose Between Cloud Hosting And Dedicated Hosting?

Often this question confuses the users of hosting service, which hosting service would prove to be the best, to suit all the hosting requirements of the user.
Dedicated hosting service is in the hosting business for long, where as Cloud hosting service is a relatively new entry in the hosting business. To decide as to which hosting service would prove to be the right hosting service, some issues are to be scrutinise by the users.
- Performance of the hosting service is of utmost importance to the user. Cloud computing technology provides 24x7*365 days availability on the web site. Cloud hosting service keeps all the business application alive, round the clock and round the year, come what may.
- Cloud computing is having a clear edge over a physical server, because Cloud functions on a Shared virtualisation technology, scattering the user's website over all the connected shared servers. This makes the user's web site omni present on the internet.

- Cloud computing technology provides better bandwidth with faster page up loading service.
- Cloud hosting service provides better scalability because Cloud has an inbuilt feature of auto scaling. Cloud hosting allows immediate up-gradation or down gradation of the server. There is no need of booting time.
- Cloud hosting service offers fully managed Cloud hosting service to its clients and the management and maintenance of the server is done by the Cloud hosting service provider company. The user never has to bother of any of these issues and can fully focus on her/his business.
- Cloud hosting service is much more cost effective than the dedicated hosting service. Dedicated hosting service is probably the most expensive hosting service available to the users, where as Cloud hosting service is a reasonably priced hosting service for the users, with the same technological specialities as is provided by dedicated hosting service.
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