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How to create VPS on Dedicated Server

Before we jump to creating VPS on a dedicated server, let's understand both servers in detail.

A dedicated server is a physical machine that is completely dedicated to one person and it caters to the sole requirements of that person. On the other hand, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is similar to a dedicated server that provides complete root access to the user. A dedicated server is divided into multiple virtual servers using the technology of virtualization. The best part of using a VPS hosting service is that you get direct access to more server resources that help you in improving the overall website performance. 

Using the following procedure, you can build your own VPS server out of a dedicated server:

Step 1: Check if the physical server can meet the hardware requirements of the hypervisor. A hypervisor is an OS that manages virtual servers and needs explicit hardware to install.

Step 2: Save your data or application configuration running on the current physical server.

Step 3: Install the hypervisor by putting the disc in the reader.

Step 4: Boot the hypervisor console and use the user manual for creating a virtual machine. You can also personalize and increase/decrease the RAM, CPU power, storage, and memory to meet your business needs.

Step 5: You can install the OS by using an image of the disk stored on your hard drive. Moreover, configure and install the application.

Step 6: Repeat the whole process for all the applications you need to be installed on the virtual server.

This is the step-by-step guide for creating VPS on a dedicated server.

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