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How is VPS hosting different from Cloud hosting?

VPS Hosting -
VPS Hosting, also called as 'private cloud' made on the servers that are made using the virtualization mechanism.
Architecture is the same that has various dedicated slots on a single virtual machine. Every slot could be assigned to the dedicated resources. Nevertheless, technology works on resource-based and shared-time phenomenon.
VPS Hosting have many useful points as this hosting takes margin near in between shared and dedicated hosting solutions.
Advantages of VPS Hosting -
- VPS hosting provides complete freedom. You can freely manage your server the way you want as you can access everything and install the needed software.

- VPS Hosting is quite efficient. On the contrary to shared hosting, VPS hosting does not rely on audience or traffic. In VPS hosting, you possess your resources and doesn't depend on other servers.
- VPS Hosting is secure. Every file with VPS Hosting is inaccessible and private from the clients irrespective of their server rights.

Cloud Hosting -

Cloud hosting is explained as top-of-the-line application or website hosting service. This latest technology has attained an unexpected acceptance level in a short span of time.
Cloud hosted websites are accessible 24/7/365 anywhere. It means every website's hosting resources are simulated on each cloud server in a group. For instance, if a cloud server is getting a lot of traffic already, so it will automatically routes a particular site's query to cluster's cloud server which is idle.
Otherwise, you can say that cloud runs hosting services, such as SSH, SFTP, email services (SMTP), and FTP on various servers simultaneously. The simultaneous distribution of the resources on cluster's cloud servers offers an excellent reliability deal. For instance, in case, any machine gets damaged, then it won't cause a disruption in the hosting service

Advantages of Cloud Hosting -

- It is comparatively reliable as your site is hosted virtually and it takes benefit of several physical networks. If any server goes offline, then it will marginally decrease the resource level to cloud; however, this won't add up to the website. There will be no inaccessibility.

- Cloud Hosting is protected via most of the physical servers, protected by the third parties, who need an access to the premises in order to interrupt the services.

- It is scalable, extensible, and flexible. Cloud Hosting doesn't possess same limitations as the single server have. As per the requests, assets are available in real time.

- It is an economical option as you pay for the usage only.

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