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What Are The Characteristics Of Cloud Architecture That Separates It From Traditional One?

The cloud architecture is different from the traditional hosting in many ways.

1. In cloud architecture, the server hardware is provided and maintenance to it is done by the service provider.

2. Users can draw the services they require over the internet eliminating the need to purchase any new hardware.

3. Users pay for the services they use. It does away the need to pay any fixed monthly plan fee as in traditional hosting. It also ensures users do not have to buy resources they do not require and leave them un-utilized.

4. Cloud architecture is scalable on demand. Users can increase or decrease their resources depending on their business needs with just a few clicks without the need of any physical effort as in traditional hosting.

5. Cloud hosting is capable of handling workloads seamlessly without any possibility of failure. Since it functions as a network, even if there is a failure in one of the components, the services are available from the other active components.

6. Cloud offers better data security and recovery from any natural disasters and human errors as it backs up data over multiple locations.

7. According to the need, cloud architecture fulfills the hardware demands.

8. Cloud architecture can be easily scaled to the resource as per the demands.

9. Cloud architecture is able to handle and manage dynamic workloads without any failure.

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