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How to Set a VPS on Dedicated Servers?

It is possible to create virtual private servers (VPS) out of a dedicated server. A physical server is split into smaller servers using the virtualization technology each of which run on individual operating systems and have dedicated resources like RAM, storage, CPU, network etc. This requires a technology called hypervisor.
One major function of the hypervisors is to isolate the operating systems and other applications from the underlying hardware. It is also referred as a virtual machine monitor(VMM). The primary server on which it runs is called as host machine and the virtual servers are called guest machines.
The first factor that you need to consider is how many VPS servers do you want. You must check the dedicated server configuration and specifications if it has the required capacity to handle the needs of the virtual machines that you create. Typically, you can create one or more as you require. If it is overloaded the performance may be affected.
Another factor you must decide on is the virtualization software you may want to install on the server. OpenVZ is free and does not require any license. The Virtuozzo power panel carries license fee that varies based on the configurations.
Install the appropriate operating system (Linux or Windows) as per client requirements. You can do that by accessing the image of the disk which is stored on the hard drive. Install and configure the application.
You must look for the control panel option. Generally, Windows servers come with Plesk control panel while Linux comes with cPanel. You also should install billing software like WHMCS. The virtual machines require dedicated IPs.
Another point you must remember is you cannot use the complete space that is available on the dedicated machine for your virtual machines. There are many system files that too must be installed. Consider the space required for backup files also.
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What are the prerequisites for setting up a VPS on a dedicated server?

You not only have to know how to create VPS on dedicated server. Some prerequisites need to be considered before the setup VPS on dedicated server. These pre-requisites are

a.                 a.  Dedicated servers hardware virtualization- It is very important to check whether your system can support a virtualized hardware or not. As problems can arise once you are done with both- create VPS server and install VPS server.

              b. Partitioning- The creation of a VPS server calls for the partitioning of the disk. The partitioning is needed to be done based on the specifications that come into the picture while operating system installation. By disk partitioning, we mean the right division of space. 

               c. Operating systemSetup VPS on dedicated server needs the best operating system match as well. The OS you have selected should not restrict you in terms of the choice for the control panel.

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