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How to Reset Joomla Admin Password?

There are many reasons due to which one may want to change their Joomla admin password. It could be because they have forgotten it, or the person who created it is no longer working with them or their account has been hacked. In general cases, you can add, delete, modify privileges in users accounts from the back-end user manager but this requires you to login to your admin account.
If you are aware of the email address that has been used for the admin user and have enabled the "lost password" in the front-end, you can simply ask your host to allow you to change the password.
You Can Change Your Super Admin Password in Two Ways.

1. Configuration.php File:

Connect to your site using the FTP account. Look for the configuration.php file and check the file permissions. Download the configuration file.   

Add a line-public $ root_user='myname' at the bottom of the list where myname is the username with administrator access. Save the configuration.php file.
Login to the backend and change password of the administrator user. Click on the "do it automatically" link and delete the line that you had added earlier. Upload the configuration.php file back to your site.

2. Direct Editing of Database:

Access to the MySQL database using phpMyadmin. Select the database for the Joomla site that you can see in the left-hand drop-down menu. Click on the "Users" table and then on the browse button in the top toolbar. You can see all the users that are set for the site.
Select the user account to which the password must be reset and click on the Edit icon. A form will appear with a value. Copy it and paste on the password field. Press Go and you must change the password now. Login and reset the password.
It is recommended to change all the passwords if the site has been hacked.

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