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How to Add Free or Paid SSL Certificates on Your Website?

An SSL certificate allows a business to leverage the HTTPS protocol. This will enable a secure transmission of information between the website and a client. SSL also can get a website preference at times of Google ranking. To install SSL certificate, apply the following steps

Check with your hosting provider, the options available to you.
There are free SSL that come with one-click installers. Some hosting companies offer paid SSL and implement the certificates for the clients. Whatever the certificate you prefer to buy, the encryption and security level is the same.
There are Three Types of Certificates:

- Organization Validated (OV)
- Extended Validation (EV)
- Domain Validated (DV)

To get a free SSL, it is recommended to get a dedicated IP. If you are on a shared platform, talk to your host for a dedicated IP. You must have complete information like

1- IP address
2- Your User ID, password, administrator privileges
3- SSH key authentication, access via cPanel
4- Which software- Apache, IIS, or Nginx is installed
5- The OS on which the server is running

Generate Certificate:

Log into your server from your PC and issue SSH commands. Mac users should use the built-in Terminal application while Windows users should download PuTTY.

Login to your CloudOYE Dashboard applying the details that you collected using the IP address. Fill in your username and password.

Visit the Certbot website and select your OS and software.
Run any commands listed to Install dependencies and Certbot and then follow the instructions to get Started and create the certificate.

Create an email address and click on the I agree to the Terms when prompted.

Follow the directions to test the renewals process in the "Automating Renewal" section.

Use a cronjob to set up timers on the server to enable automatic renewal.

Force visitors to access your site only over HTTPS by editing the .htaccess file.
Contact CloudOYE in case you need some assistance.

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