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Who is the Best VPS Hosting Provider Considering Quality and Price?

Before knowing the best VPS hosting provider, you must know what VPS Hosting is? VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, offering a significant portion of server hard drive like CPU resources and memory to the clients. VPS is a web hosting model, combining features of shared and dedicated server. In VPS, the service provider takes all responsibilities like offloading intricate, server management, and infra management. Further, these services are divided in two segments-

- Managed VPS Hosting
- Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Major Benefits of VPS Hosting-

1. Complete Isolation- A VPS server is completely free from other users as compared to other servers.

2. Root Access- It permits you the installation of any app that you want to install.

3. Guaranteed Resources- In VPS Server Hosting, resources, such as RAM, HDD, bandwidth, and CPU have been allotted to the package that will be available for the app always.
In addition, cost is also one of the major advantages of selecting VPS hosting. Witnessing all these factors, CloudOYE is a renowned company that provides world-class web hosting services in India. Founded in 2000, the company offer Windows and Linux VPS Hosting at a reasonable price along with plenty of benefits like dedicated IP, mailing server, 24/7 Windows/Linux server monitoring, storage capacity, complete SSH/RDP access, easy-to-use cPanel/Plesk control panels, and 24/7/365 technical support.
CloudOYE owns two Tier-III data centers in the country, Jaipur and Noida. With CloudOYE, your site is assured with 99.95% network uptime and blaze-fast loading speeds. We provide the free installation and your server will be working within four hours.
We at CloudOYE provides a wide range of VPS hosting services at an affordable cost. You might find the hosting providers that are offering the cheapest hosting plans; however their quality of services can't match the level of services provided by us. In case, you are looking for an affordable deal with good quality, then Linux VPS servers are an ideal option for you. It is available freely and open-source; however, Windows comes with a fee and commercially sold product.
The Tier-III redundant data centers of CloudOYE houses the website and assures maximum privacy and isolation. The servers provided by CloudOYE comes in-built with anti-malware, strong firewalls, and anti-virus solutions. 

CloudOYE is a leading cloud computing solutions on Cloud Server Hosting & Dedicated Servers Hosting. Call our technical experts at 1800 212 2022 or mail us at

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