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What You Should Know Before Moving to the Cloud?

Cloud technology is highly beneficial and is being applied in some way by everyone. However, it is important for you to consider a few factors before you move your business to the cloud environment.
Are You Ready For The Cloud?

Migration from one platform to another requires a lot of deliberation. It involves technology, staff, and process. Employees, due to lack to knowledge, can show indifference, with fear of losing their jobs. Another aspect to consider is if your applications and infrastructure are ready, the costs involved, strategies to be adopted for a smooth migration. Do you want to move all the applications or only a few? You should also consider removing obsolete applications that are of no use?
Initiate a Strategy:

Several businesses do the mistake of adopting the cloud without any strategy. You must be clear of what your goals are and why you are moving to the cloud. It should not be a "What Next" after a laborious migration. Check which cloud model - public, private, or hybrid cloud is best for you.

If you are doing well in your present hosting, do a study about the impact on the business performance if there is a latency issue or downtime due to an outage. How you are managing it today and will you be able to have the same efficiency?

Cloud is not on your business premises. You will not have the same visibility as you currently may be having. Security has been a primary concern for every business in the cloud. Online frauds, access limitations, misapplication of employee credentials etc. are a few problems that you could encounter. However, the cloud hosting providers today, are more efficient, and better equipped to manage the security issues.

Lower investment and features like scalability, availability, and reliability are a few factors that people prefer the cloud. Know your workloads and decide if you require the cloud or not.

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