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How To Manage Data Center Infrastructure?

Data Center Infrastructure Management or DCIM is the combination of Information Technology and the facilities in the building infrastructure functions, within an organization.
The objective of initiating a data center infrastructure management is to provide the administrators with a complete idea of the performance of a data center. The data center infrastructure management helps in using the energy equipment and the floor space with maximum efficiency.
What Does Data Center Infrastructure Management Do?
Data center infrastructure include the dedicated area of the building, which is assigned to the data center, for housing the physical assets. These physical assets include the physical infrastructures, those are essential for safely housing the computer systems and the servers, in the data center. This also includes the network, cabling and the data storage facilities.
Data center management takes care of every facility that is essential for making a data center run smoothly. It takes care of implementing most efficient methods of monitoring the heat inside the data center and adopt efficient methods of cooling. It also takes care of maximum usage of capacity of rack or cabinet space, needed in the data center. It takes care of providing Visio and Excel spread sheets, along with good pair of sneakers for making comfortable physical inspection of the data center possible, by walking the floor.
Data Center infrastructure management also takes care of managing the performance of the data center. It also looks after the resource utilisation. The sky touching price of power and the cost of its consumption in the data center, is a major issue to be handled by data center infrastructure management. Data center infrastructure management also takes proper care of utilizing the space and facility capacity, with the essential mitigation for environment for the housed equipment.
Data center infrastructure management ensures the function and operation of the data center is green and eco-friendly. The maximum facilities and solutions within a data center is now automated and inter connected. Data center infrastructure management focusses on optimisation of performance of data center by taking initiatives on focussing on the sustainability of performance, reduction of cost and in improvement of energy efficiency.
How To Manage Data Center Infrastructure?
The latest methodology adopted for managing a data center infrastructure is a three-layer approach. It is 1. Monitor,2. Analyse,3. Automate.
1- The first layer is to Monitor and visualise all the details and all the activities across all computer systems and locations.

2- The second layer is to analyze the ways to use the data center to its maximum capacity.

The third layer is to fully automate all the activities within the data center.
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