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How Soon is My Account Active After I Turn on the Cloud Storage Service?

You must first sign up for cloud storage going to your account home page. Enter your email address and in case you have recently signed in, click on I am a new user. Select sign in using secure server. You then must fill in some information that is asked like email address/ password/ contact number etc. Choose an account Business or personal and the click on Create and Continue.

You will receive a confirmation email "Your account is successfully created". You can sign in with the email address and password that you had earlier given.  However, you must continue to provide some more details before you operate the storage service.

You must add a payment mode. Give the billing address where the invoice must be sent. Then verify your phone number and click on call me now. You may receive an automated call.

Once the account activation is done, you will again receive an email at your address. Your account will be active within a few minutes after you turn on the cloud storage service. Delays if any may be due to some wrong information. You must make sure the phone- verification is done successfully and the payment method chosen is appropriate.

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