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Do I get a dedicated IP address with my VPS account?

Yes, all VPS account holders get a dedicated IP address. A dedicated IP address gives your website lots of benefits. You can run your own e-mail and FTP servers. You have SEO benefits too with a dedicated IP address. You need a unique IP address for a SSL certificate which is a necessity for your business for security purposes and get the trust of visitors to your website.

You can also request for additional IP addresses in case you want. An IP address identifies your business and safeguards your business from getting affected due to any irresponsible and irregular acts of a neighbor site as it happens in shared hosting.

Benefits of having a dedicated IP address
There is not one or two but many why a dedicated IP address is preferred. But what is a dedicated IP? A dedicated IP is an IP address that has an assigned domain. This domain is not shared with any other user and will just be used to handle your website and business. 
What is VPS IP? There is a numerical address that your VPS host will use and which can also be recognized by the search engine. 
Irrespective of the type of hosting service your website is hosted upon, having a dedicated IP address is always a good idea. The same is the case with a VPS host. Here are the benefits of having a dedicated IP address-
- You get access to your website anytime and from anywhere you want.  
- You get the privilege of improved email reputation
- You get to develop a better business identity
- You get a needed platform to run third-party applications

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