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How does cloud computing provides on-demand functionality?

Cloud computing is a type of internet service. It offers several on-demand functionalities that can be utilized by the public in a common platform or exclusively by one user through the private cloud. The services are offered from a pool of resources to which the end-users subscribe. All the service models Platform as a service (PaaS)Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) can be availed on demand.

On demand cloud computing 

On demand computing is the ability of cloud services to deliver computing abilities in real time. Cloud servers, on demand, can make resources available. This is the biggest advantage with cloud computing as it extricates reliance on creating buffer resource. The following example will demonstrate this better-

Suppose you need 4GB RAM and 10 TB storage on your server. Despite the resources you have never used more than 2GB RAM and 5 TB space sits free. If you were on a physical server you'd have no choice but to continue paying for 4GB RAM, regardless of whether you use it or not.

On cloud servers, on the other hand, you will have the option to work on a less resource-extensive server and scale only when needs arise. Thus, you can continue working on a server with 2GB RAM and 5 TB space and upgrade the moment you believe you might need additional resource.

The moment you scale up your specifications, your services will be charged differently. Once the requirement is over, you can easily scale down to where you started. This will also decrease the running cost because you'd be then running a downgraded server.

What is on demand functionality?

With respect to cloud servers, it is the option that enables users to quickly upgrade their resources in real-time, thus enabling them to meet their demands quickly. A lot of other services have also enabled on demand functionality. For example, your mobile internet and Podcasts.

How is on demand functionality provided in cloud computing?

Most cloud hosting providers provide a control panel from where you can quickly view active and inactive cloud servers. There will also be an option in-built in the panel to quickly increase resources when you feel the need arises.

In the background, all the computing resources of a cloud server resides in a central system called pool. The (server) pool is created by combining all the resource at one place. Now, resource distribution takes from the pool instead of individual servers.

On demand functionality is a service where resources are offered instantly as and when needed. It could include storage space, speed, software applications, servers, networks and several similar. Cloud computing offers high scalable features. Users may add more resources on demand when there is a sudden spurt in the visitor traffic. They also have the liberty to discard the resources they do not require.

Cloud computing has been created to meet the fluctuating demands of resource requirements by the users. It is not a viable option for a business to maintain all the resources as they may remain unutilized at times. It removes the concept of pay and use basis that we see in the traditional hosting services and replaces it with pay-for what you use making it more manageable for the users. If the on-demand functionality is not implemented, it becomes difficult for a small business to take advantage of the cloud computing services.

The kind of scalability that the cloud provides is completely on-demand which gives all-time access to the virtual IT resources. But the question is What is on-demand functionality? And how is it provided in cloud computing?

The increased workloads call for the demand for scalability which in turn improves the resource capacity. The architecture of cloud computing always demands resources and for this elasticity is equally required aside from scalability. Then only one will be delivered with on-demand computing

The different cloud computing models render different scalability and elasticity and thus perform completely differently. Such a difference can be seen among different cloud computing infrastructures.

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