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How To Setup AWS?

To set up the AWS, you will first need to create an account. For this, you must visit the AWS home page and then choose to sign up here. When you may have already signed in to the AWS in recent times, you can choose the sign in option to the console. When the newly created AWS account does not show on screen, you can sign into another account and then select "Create a new AWS account" option. All the information you type in here has to be valid and accurate. When email address has not been typed in properly you may not be able to get into the account or change passwords later on.

- Account Creation: When creating an account, you can choose between Professional and Personal. They are very alike in terms of functions. You have to type in the company details or your individual details; review the Customer Agreement and then check a box. You can then create the account and choose "Continue". Once you get the email stating that the account has indeed been created, you may sign in using the password and email details you have typed in.

- Payment Methods: When you reach the Payment Information web page, you must give the requested details about your payment method. In case the address for payment is different from the account address you must provide this new address here.

- Phone Verification: You have to verify the phone number details in order to accept all incoming calls. For this, you must type in the code shown in captcha. If you are ready for receiving calls, you may select the "Call me now" option. When the call comes through you need to type in the PIN on the phone keypad.

- Choosing Support Plans:
When you find the select a Support Plan web page, you may choose from any of the available plans. Once this is done, you will be informed that the account has been activated. Accounts will become active typically within some minutes, but it may take up to a day at times. When it is completely active, you will be sent a confirmation email and then you are granted total access to all AWS features.

For creating an EC2 instance and setting up the managed AWS cloud server you must create a server and then connect it to Amazon RDS DB instance. To launch the EC2 instance you must sign into the management console and open it. After this, you choose the EC2 dashboard where you find the Launch Instance option. You will be prompted to configure the Instance Details. You have to choose VPC with private and public sub-nets which you have selected for DB instance. Then, you must add storage and add tags. Finally, you need to configure the security group where you will have to pick a security group that will have inbound rules for HTTP and SSH access.

Once the security group has been configured you may choose the Review option and launch the server through the Review Instance Launch option. When you have launched the instance you may connect to it just like you would be using a computer in front of you. So, you choose the EC2 instance that you created and then choose "Connect" option.

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