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What are Dedicated Servers? How Can They Benefit My Business?

Dedicated servers are the most powerful machines that are rented exclusively for use by a single business. The client will not have any upfront expenditure on purchase of server equipment. The fundamental idea is to remove the concept of sharing it with other businesses and have the entire resources for oneís personal used. The dedicated server customer is usually one that has a large flow of visitors constantly and needs the maximum resources to be available all the time.

How do dedicated servers work?

If you hire a dedicated server for your business, you will have total control. You can configure the server to suit your needs, install any applications, select the hardware you want and practically use the server for anything you want. Use it for your websites, as an email server, or database storing, gaming site and much more. 

Although business dedicated servers are more or less the same as every other dedicated server, the former is somewhat more advanced. 

You will have complete isolation and privacy. Access is allowed to only those that you authorize. The resources are all yours with no fear of falling short since there is no other user who may otherwise consume up the resources. You will never have the danger of the machine crashing due to overloads and your site performance will be extremely satisfactory with faster page uploads. 

You will not have to worry about the safety of your data. Your server comes inbuilt with firewalls, antivirus, anti-spam, and anti-malware filters and your host performs periodic scans to eliminate possibilities of any infiltrations. It also removes the risk of your account from being compromised. In shared hosting, if an account is hacked risks of all accounts getting exposed is possible. This fear is eliminated with a dedicated server. 

Although you pay a higher cost for the dedicated server, you are buying security, stability, flexibility, and control for your business. 

If you need top notch reliability without compromising on control and performance characteristics, you should go with dedicated servers from CloudOYE. At CloudOYE, we promise that when you buy dedicated servers, you are guaranteed the entire resource of the server(s) allotted to you.


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