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What Is Server Colocation?

Server colocation is a process. It is a process to deploy and hosting a server that is owned by business or other organizations. In server collocation, this organization owned server is deployed within a service environment that remains managed. Server colocation enables the organizations those own the servers to deploy their servers with in a data center or Information Technology facility which already exists.  In server collocation, the customer controls all services of server, operating system and software applications. In Server colocation, the service provider for managed services provides the physical space, internet resources and power to deploy the server, to the customer.

Actually, in server colocation, the server remains the property of the customer or the client business organization but it is maintained, managed and monitored by Managed Service Provider Company. The Managed Service Provider usually remains a Cloud Service Provider. The server owner client organization can access its server over internet or Virtual Private Network connectivity. The main objective of Server colocation is to control the operational costs while utilizing enhanced Information Technology support services. It is achieved by utilizing the services on Key Information Technology servers. Here the servers are also provided with Internet Protocol Address, physical security, bandwidth, power and requisite back up to the servers, those are collocated, in addition to all support service to the servers.
A server colocation is almost similar to a dedicated server hosting. In a dedicated server hosting, the dedicated server is hosted by a managed service provider facility or a data center. But in server colocation, the server is provided by the client organization as the client organization remains the owner of the server. One of the biggest benefits of server colocation is savings in costing.  The client organization saves huge amount of money from not having to invest and maintain in power back up systems. Server colocation also allows the client organization to leverage an ideal data center environment, which remains highly scalable to suit the business needs of the client. Server colocation is a practice in which a server owned by a business or individual is deployed and hosted in someone else's data center. In the server colocation, the server is owned by an organisation and it is placed in a secure environment that is managed by someone else. Mostly colocation services are given by colocation service providers, they take care of everything after you place your server in their housing facility.

Server colocation allows the organisation to get the advantage of multiple features and services which cannot be accessed in the in-house facilities. In server colocation, the customer controls the services of the server, operating system, and software applications. The colocation service provider needs to take care of the physical space, network, power supply, and resources. Actually, in server colocation, the server is the property of the client and the colocation service provider has to take care of all the services. The managed service provider is the one who delivers all the resources and takes care of the server in the colocation facility. The main goal of the server colocation is to control the operational costs while using the enhanced information services. It can only be achieved by using the services and key information technology servers. Moreover, they will also take care to provide you with an IP address, physical security, power, and requisite power backup to the servers and support the services to the server.

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