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Is A Content Delivery Network (CDN) Included In The Hosting Plan?

Yes, CDN is included in CloudOYE's hosting plan. In fact, pricing is based on the usage of CDN bandwidth. Most of the customers not exceed 100 GB CDN bandwidth, included in our package.
Though, a CDN is not included in the standard hosting. You can integrate it easily in your hosting plan. Content Delivery Network can be availed as a service at only 6 Rupees each GB for all the traffic routed via service each month.
At CloudOYE, we work with everyone seamlessly. Be it simple shared hosting or custom infrastructure, we will manage with the operations in order to provide the great CDN experience which your website visitors never had on the internet. Experience faster content delivery that you can exclusively witness via CloudOYE's CDN service. With our CDN, content is instantly delivered from nearest POP to the site visitors. Similarly, a visitor from Panama and Colombia's rural town will get content instantly then anybody as there is not near POP than our CDN.
A good cloud computing provider offers over 150 CDN areas worldwide in order to help in conveying content in different formats and a wide range of areas is larger to Microsoft and Amazon CDNs set up together. We bolster your cutting-edge CDN technologies, such as HTTP PUSH/PULL, Live Streaming, Video on Demand and more.
Live streaming is supported via Wowza Media Server 3. This server is the renowned high-performance server across the world. Likewise, you can put money on Video on Demand provided by us in order to integrate 'rewind' and 'fast forward' features to convey video content.

Select the CDN services which support varied content, such as files over 50 MB. An ideal cloud CDN service provider make sure that content is available near to the target customers/clients for quick distribution via HTTP pull or HTTP Push technologies.
CDNs have showed that they are bright future of web hosting as they provide instantaneous accessibility to online content.
Possessing a good rank in Google is one of the biggest advantages in visibility of the website, hence, moving to a CDN is necessary. User experience, repeated visits, and loading times are aspects of the website that Content Delivery Networks can deliver well aspects which can help Google in analyzing the ranking of website.

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