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What Are The Advantages Of Using Cloud Server Hosting?

Cloud hosting is the best possible solution for hosting business web sites of small, medium and upcoming and growing businesses. Cloud hosting is the best web hosting solution, which is available at a very cheap price.

What is Cloud Server Hosting?
Cloud hosting is a process of web hosting that hosts web applications in an environment of Cloud computing. Cloud hosting helps in deploying applications in Virtual Machines or VMs. These are containers over the models of Cloud Service delivery, such as, Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Cloud hosting also provides guaranteed availability of services, with isolated performance.

There are Number of Benefits Provided by Cloud Hosting to Its Users-
   - Cloud hosting drastically reduces the costs on Information Technology, of the user. The user is benefited much by dramatic reduction in Information Technology costs, by reducing the costs on managing and maintaining the Information Technology systems, to a great extent.
  - Cloud hosting service provides a very high degree of scalability to the user. The user can increase or decrease her/his computing and server resources, as per the requirement of her/his business. This also helps in maintaining cost effectivity for the user.
  - Cloud hosting service is a composite network structure of multiple servers. So, if any one of the servers fails to work, another server in the network immediately takes over. Therefore, a Cloud server hosting ensures continuity in running of business websites, under any circumstances of server failure.
  - Cloud hosting provides excellent efficiency in collaboration of hosting activities.
  - Cloud hosting also provides high level flexibility in its work practices. This high-level flexibility makes a Cloud hosting, a multitasking hosting service for the user, to perform various tasks and activities.
  - Cloud hosting provides the feature and facility of having automatic updates by its users. The user does not need to worry about the updates any more. Cloud hosting takes care of all updates in the hosting service to be done automatically, for its clients.

How is Cloud Hosting superior to Shared Hosting?

  Scalability: As cloud server hosting comes with a reservoir of resources, it can be scaled with the utmost ease and that too on the instant. So, as the requirement of a business grows in terms of web traffic, etc. the cloud allows users to add more resources on the go. Shared hosting offers no such benefits as the resources are very limited.
  Security: In cloud hosting, security is far more robust when compared to shared environments as there are several recovery options including premium anti-malware solutions. Shared hosting, on the contrary, is susceptible to attacks on account of the sharing of resources among different clients.
  Traffic Handling: Hosting in the cloud lets you serve a large number of visitors at a time as the bandwidth and processing power is quite high. Shared environments dont offer such perquisites owing to a limited resource pool.
  Performance: Cloud computing hosting services typically outperform their shared counterparts since multiple servers are available to serve your application. Shared hosting involves just one server, so the performance isnt up-to-the-mark, particularly under conditions of high traffic.

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