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What Tier III Data Centres are Designed for Continuous Availability and Reliability?

A data center is a service and a facility for housing computer systems with its related associated mechanical components. These components may comprise of storage systems and systems for telecommunications. A data center is in general, comprises of redundant or back up power supplies, redundant connections for data communications, equipment to control the environments, such as, air conditioning machines, fire control system etc. A data center is also equipped with strong security measures to provide protection to the infrastructure and its contents. A large size data center is equivalent to an industrial scale operation, needing power supply of a small township to run.
A Tier III data center is an advance operational and design level data center which has better key functions and characteristics.

A Tier III Data Center Has the Characteristics of-

- Redundancy for components for capacity and paths for multiple distributions to the environment.

- Having only one path, which is sufficient at any time.

- Having the equipment for Information Technology, the option of dual power supply.

- Maintaining a storage of fuel for 12 hours of supply on site for capacity that is pre-determined.

- Being maintainable concurrently- as it is with a planned maintenance program which can occur using redundant capacity components and paths of distribution.
A Tier III Data center is the base line for serving businesses of modern times. A Tier III data center means unfailing reliability, as it provides continuous up-time for real time. It also provides continuous up-time for the applications for mission critical. Tier III data center happens to be the minimum bar for compliance of regulations for the industries, digital government, and financial and resources services.
Tier III data centers are thus the standardisation criterion for data centre efficiency for providing continuous availability of resources to its users, with top most reliability related to the quality of service and with uncompromising security measures for protection of the data center.

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