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When Should You Upgrade from Shared/ VPS Hosting to a Dedicated Server?

People generally start their online business on a shared hosting plan. However, they must consider an upgrade to a hosting plan like the dedicated server that will provide them with features that facilitates a seamless growth.
What are The Indications that Tell a Business it is Time to Upgrade to a Dedicated Server?

Consider The Following Points

1- Website Performance:
The web page loading speed is slower than usual or your server is crashing frequently. This is an indication that you must upgrade to a higher platform. This happens because your website is unable to cope up with the numerous requests.
2- Increase In Visitors:

When the frequency and traffic movement increases, the server space in shared hosting will not be sufficient. This results in server crashing.
3- Number Of Websites:

When you have more than one website on the server, it is likely to either slow down or crash due to shortage of resources.
You may have some sensitive applications that requires complete privacy. Shared hosting is not for you then.
Speed and up-time are two crucial factors for a website that you cannot afford compromising on. Shared hosting will be fine for a new startup but as the business grows, the requirements increase.
In shared hosting, a business shares the platform with numerous other websites and is allocated limited resources of RAM, Bandwidth, server space etc. It is not scalable and when the traffic increases, problems start.
Although the option of VPS hosting is available, sharing of server continues. The resources are split among the multiple users and much lower in capacity than in a dedicated server. You, sooner or later, should upgrade to the dedicated server.
Dedicated server is just the opposite. You alone occupy the server and have complete resources for your website/sites. The server can handle every type of traffic pressures and your business will have utmost reliability, security, and enhanced performance. 

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