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What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a module of web site hosting. In shared hosting, the hosting service provider provides pages to web sites. The hosting service provider serves many websites at a time. Each website it serves has an independent domain name connected to internet. This hosting service provided to multiple websites by the service provider, is from a single server.
Shared hosting is provided to users by maximum number of hosting service provider companies. Shared hosting provides the most economical opportunity to a business organization or a business start up with limited budget, to make a website presence.

Though shared hosting module is the most economical web hosting option for business organizations functioning under financial constraints, it is not efficient enough to handle heavy traffic of visitors to business web sites. So, the business web sites may need to migrate to dedicated server hosting once their business grows and the web sites starts to have a heavy influx of visitors traffic.
Benefits of Shared Hosting

Shared hosting remains the web hosting solution for majority of business websites because shared hosting is the most affordable option among the paid web sites hosting solutions. A shared hosting environment is ideal for personal or individual websites hosting or hosting small to medium sized business web sites having moderate traffic of web site visitors.
Some Benefits Offered by Shared Hosting Solution to Its Users are:

1. Cost- Shared hosting option is available for affordable monthly fees. Some shared hosting service provider companies offer good discount if the user pays in lump sum for the whole year.
2. High Scalability- The services in shared hosting varies with package plans. Some service providers have low cost plans for users with limited disk space, and allotment of bandwidth. The services improve as the price of the package increases.
3. Features- Shared hosting solution provide all features, including one click installation of popular scripts, to its users. It increases website functionalities by including, blogs, forums, chats and calendars, to the website.

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