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Can I mix private and public clouds?

Client enterprises today have to keep evaluating their mix of private and public cloud set-ups to cater to new business goals. A public cloud offers a fantastic alternative for businesses trying to offload some part of their expenses involved in handling workloads and applications. The private cloud is more suited for businesses dealing with proprietary workloads like business analytics, HR applications and ERP as they can tap into cloud computing benefits without having to give too much control to third-party providers. It is indeed possible to create a hybrid cloud which combines the best of private and public cloud models. It allows businesses to exploit the benefits of cost-efficiency and scalability which is offered by the public cloud while maintaining core applications under enterprise control. So, you can actually mix the two types of cloud environments to extend part of your IT setup to a cloud. The on-site architecture gives you access to the files for controlling sensitive data while the non-sensitive operations are handled by the public cloud.

The hybrid architecture is found to be most preferred by the larger organizations which are keen to enjoy the scalability and flexibility provided by the public cloud. The hybrid cloud uses the private and public environments in a great mix which will be best suited for your business. It offers what is best in both the models because it lets businesses come up with a custom solution. So, using a mix of private and public clouds, a business can very well keep the sensitive data on premise and deploy resources in a public cloud when it requires resources quickly. So, hybrid clouds will provide security of private clouds at those times when you need it and the scalability of public clouds together with security and control offered by server colocation

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