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How To Install Let Us Encrypt SSL Certificate On IIS Web Server?

"Let's Encrypt" is an open source tool. It is for use by anyone for free. This Let's Encrypt tool allows the user to create, manage and automatically renew the SSL certificates for various applications for websites. Service SSL certificates are created, managed and automatically renewed by this tool and also for any such applications, where there are requirements of secured transportation of data.
Certain things must be kept in mind when one considers about using Let's Encrypt certificates, in comparison to different conventional certification by SSL via a recognized authority for certification.

These Issues Are-

- Let's Encrypt SSL certificates are effective for only three months, at present. The time period can be further reduced in times to come.
- There is no availability of any wizard for easy installation for installation of Let's Encrypt tool.

- An agent for management of certificates is needed for operating Let's Encrypt tool. This is done on that server which deals with that domain related requests.
Steps to Install Let's Encrypt SSL certificate on IIS Web Server

- A client of Let's Encrypt is needed at first. This client must speak the protocol of ACME. It is utilized by the client of Let's Encrypt to implement interaction with CA, supporting protocol of JSON based ACME.
- A Windows ACME client has to be downloaded at the beginning.

- Now, a certification of SSL on the IIS server needs to be deployed. The user has to download and extract to a directory the client of Windows ACME.
- The user needs to provide an e mail address to take care of the renewals.
Now, user needs to press Enter key to make the menu options visible. To Select N and press Enter key.
User needs to select the option 1 from the menu for one-time attachment of a site of IIS, and then press "Enter".
User needs to select website ID where the SSL certificate needs to be installed. To Press Enter key.
User needs to choose methods of verification and press Enter key.

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